Saturday, July 11, 2009

What NOW, Willy?

The ball, as they say, is in your court, "William" Monty Hughes!

For those new to the debate: One Mr. Hughes has been making the most preposterous claims against me and my website, xkcd sucks. This website in turn mocks the terrible webcomic xkcd.

Despite his low levels of intelligence, Mr. Hughes seems to think that he is qualified to create a Web-Log of complains against, of all people, me! This he is doing in a most foolish manner at the URL of " 'xkcd' is simultaneously hilarious and intellectually satisfying".

Is it not the acme of foolishness? Have any of you ever seen a shoddier waste of bandwidth in the entire internet?


Rest assured however: I will not be letting this nonsense stand. I will turn my acid tongue and sharply-witted blogging pen upon Mr. Hughes, and we will see how he likes it!

Welcome to the blog, bitches. We're doing this.

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