Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ha! Ha! Ha! another laugh inducing web-log-post from william huge!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Have you seen the latest nonsense posted on that bastard-child of a world wide web-blog, " 'xkcd' is a paragon 'of hilarity'? HA.

Allow me to remind you of the context in which this posting appears! One William Hughes; ARCH-ADVERSARY of myself, has taken it upon himself to use his feeble mind to attempt to show that my own points, on my own web-blog of web-comics criticism, is incorrect! But, in an irony worthy of Sophocles himself, Mr. Hughes (or as we call him here, Huge, due to his substantial girth) made several crucial errors in his web-blog!

For one, he promised to post on a certain Friday of the week; on friday, there was nothing! Now, he attempts to justify this horrible breach of bloggsmanship by saying,

"For your information, Mr. Wheeler, I have been sick for the past few days. My gargantuan brain has become addled by the plague. Does this surprise you? Perhaps you or one of your partners in crime did this to me? DID YOU?!?! A feeble effort as I am back now. You cannot stop me.

I believe it was the Spanish Influenza as my anti-bodies are extremely powerful and only a ridiculously potent virus could temporarily challenge them. You have to do better than that to stop the great William Monty Hughes forever, Wheeler."

Ha! Ha! Felled by the plague! answer me this, William Huge! If you had to miss your work or schooling due do plague, shouldn't that have given you more time to blog? HM? HA!

However, congratulations on surviving the disease. I am most proud of you, William. Perhaps next time you could be so strong as to not get sick? It is well known that I have never gotten sick, and if you are going to critique me please try to stay with my standards of health. It would be most tiresome to have to wait for your plague or your smallpox or your AIDS to wear off each and every time we are to duel.

He then goes on to destroy the reputation of one Dr. Horrible; a despicable act which I cannot comprehend. Dr. Horrible lent his unique voice to my blog for several days. I cannot have people like Mr. Huge attempting to destroy the character of anyone who comes near me. It is unprofessional. It is silly, pedantic, sophomoric, and destructive. He casts baseless accusations about Dr. Horrible's medical degree (it is, I assure you, a genuine degree and the good doctor has practiced medicine for several years, with top marks from prestigious medical organizations. )

Lastly, he has somewhere managed to find a picture of me on the inter-nets and claims, bizarrely, that it is himself, and not I at all, that is pictured! How ODD.

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